qtq80-1uajZIHere at Help Them Home, we understand that caring for a loved one usually includes multiple medical bills and unforeseen costs. We want to give caregivers the peace of mind they deserve while caring for a loved one, knowing that with Help Them Home, their loved ones have the tools they need to get home if they ever become lost.

Set Up: $99 Set Up Fee (includes first month of service) includes creation of a Help Them Home Profile Page for your Loved One, creation of a custom QR Code, and Print Sized QR Code so you can attach it to an article of clothing or a shoe lace, instructions on how to print the QR code and information on free resources for caregivers.

Monthly Fee: $30/month for website maintenance, updating patient profile and providing QR codes if more are necessary.

A portion of the profits from Help Them Home will be donated to The Alzheimer’s Association on Behalf of Bill Smothers, who lost his battle with Alzheimer’s in 2016.