The Story Behind Help Them Home

Help Them Home Emergency Contact BadgeThe Help Them Home site is dedicated to William (Bill) Smothers, the father-in-law of the founder, Heather Smothers. In 2011, Bill was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and continued to live in his home with the help of his wife, Marguerite, his daughters Megan and Sarah, and his son, Sean. The entire family became care givers and wanted to provide Bill with a good quality of life while he lived with Alzheimer’s. One afternoon, while Bill was sitting in his chair listening to music, a large tree branch fell on the house and scared him. He got up, walked out of the house and kept on walking. He continued to walk until he reached Kennett Square, which was almost 6 miles away from his home.

As he walked down the highway wearing only his pajama pants and flannel shirt, a Good Samaritan that drove by noticed something was wrong. They called the police and let them know that something was amiss and that this person may need some help.

Once the police arrived, they worked with Bill calmly and placed him in the police car, trying to get information from him as to where he lived. While living with Alzheimer’s, it is hard to remember where you live, where you are at that very moment and who you are supposed to call for help.

After a while, Bill finally stated “I want to go to my wife Marguerite Smothers.”

With that statement, the police did a Google Search to find Bill’s wife, Marguerite and they were able to contact her so she could come meet with them and be reunited with her husband, Bill.

This experience that Bill Smothers went through inspired the creation of Help Them Home.

Instead of having to wait for a piece of identifying information to be remembered and stated by the individual who is suffering from a cognitive disease, the Help Them Home Emergency Contact Badge would of been visible to those who are helping the individual and would of given them the correct emergency contact information to help someones loved one get home safe while saving time.

Help Them Home: Helping Those Who Are Lost Get Home