Help Them Home1) Help Them Home creates an online page for your loved one to help them get home when they are lost. Even if its down the street, a block away or miles away, Help Them Home will help. This website has important Emergency Contact Information including Emergency Contacts, Phone Numbers, Type of Medical Disorder and more.

2) Help Them Home will provide a printable Emergency Contact Code Badge created with a QR Code and link that you will be able to print onto Normal or Fabric-Like Paper and allow you to sew it to the back of a shirt, tie it to a shoe or attach it to a piece of clothing that is easily accessible.

3) Anyone who stops to help can scan the QR Code using any QR Code App on their phone or access the website by typing in the link below the QR Code.

4) This will bring them to the individuals Help Them Home Page that will provide them with a picture of the person, Emergency Contacts, Phone Numbers, Type of Disorder, Home Address and More so you can Help Them Home by helping them yourself or calling the proper authorities. In case of Emergency, please call 911 and stay with the individual until help arrives.

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