william-k-smothersIf you are visiting this page, that means I am lost and I need help home! Please read over my emergency contact information to help me get home safely. Thank you so much.

Special Instructions: Please speak to Bill Smothers is a calm and happy tone. If he is becoming agitated, try re-direction, like talking about his wife Marguerite or talking to him about his children, Sean, Megan or Sarah. Please call Marguerite Smothers, his wife if he is lost or cannot remember where he is.

Name: Bill Smothers
Address: Old Public Road
City: Hockessin
State: Delaware
Birth Date: February 14th, 19XX
Emergency Contact Phone Number: 555-555-1234
Emergency Contact Name: Marguerite Smothers, Megan Smothers
Illness: Bill Smothers was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011. He has trouble remembering his surroundings and is startled easily.

*Bill Smothers passed away in 2016, 5 years after his diagnoses. Help Them Home is dedicated to Bill Smothers and we use his profile as an example of how the Help Them Home Profiles will be set up. If you have any questions about how the profile & QR Code work, please contact us at info@HelpThemHome.com or by using our Contact Form.

Example QR Codes

These Emergency Contact Code Badges can be printed up on regular paper and laminated, or printed up on fabric-like paper and be sewn to the back of a loved ones shirt, connected to a shoe lace or on any piece of clothing that is easily accessible by the person who is trying to help them home.

You can customize your Emergency Contact Code Badge how ever you like! Add their name, disability, direct phone number and more but remember that the badge must be small enough to attach to a piece of clothing without effecting your loved one.