Monday, November 28th, 2016

For Immediate Release
From: Heather Smothers
Help Them Home

Wilmington, Delaware, Monday, November 28th, 2016 – Help Them Home, a web based service that provides a digital Emergency Contact Badge for those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, has launched its new website & online service. Help Them Home aids those with memory loss stay safe while living with their loved ones and/or caregivers, by assisting them home when they become lost.
In 2011, Bill Smothers of Hockessin, Delaware was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after previously battling and beating Cancer. Maintaining quality of life after his diagnoses was very important to his wife Marguerite, his daughters Megan and Sarah, his son Sean, and his daughter-in-law Heather. Bill continued to live in his Hockessin home with the help of his family and neighbors by ensuring he was informed, happy, and above all else, safe.

Over 5.4 Million people are living with Alzheimer’s and three out of five of those 5.4 million people living with Alzheimer’s will wander and become lost (Source: Alzheimer’s Association). Bill is one of those three.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, Bill left his home in 2015 and lost his way. He ended up 6 miles away wearing only pajama pants and a flannel shirt. As Bill walked down the highway, a good Samaritan driving by suspected something was wrong and called the local police. Once the police arrived, they asked for his name, where he lived, and who could be called to help. Bill’s Alzheimer’s prevented him from providing this critical information. Over time, Bill finally provided the name of his wife and with that information, the police were able to safely return Bill to his home.

After this heartbreaking experience, his daughter-in-law Heather went to work. She created a web page for Bill with detailed emergency contact information, a photo of Bill, special instructions, and critical information to help him home if he became lost again. In addition to the webpage, Heather created a printable QR Code Badge that Marguerite could sew to his clothing providing an instant method of conveying information to anyone with a smart phone. Sadly, before his wife could use what Heather created, Bill was admitted to the hospital and passed away in January of 2016. After Bill’s passing, Heather took her QR Code Badge idea and created Help Them Home.

“While watching my father-in-law courageously battle the effects of Alzheimer’s, I wanted to help him in any way that I could. Being a web designer by trade with a background as a Certified Nursing Assistant, I knew I had to tap into my skills and create something that would keep him safe and help him home if he ever became lost again. Sadly, he passed away before he could use the system I created for him but I am confident the system will help someone else’s loved one who is battling Alzheimer’s or Dementia find their way home safely if they become lost.”

Help Them Home, founded in 2016, creates a digital emergency contact for your loved one to help them find their way home if they are lost. The online footprint has critical information about the individual including emergency contacts, phone numbers, medical condition, medications, and much more. Help Them Home also provides a printable Emergency Contact Badge created with a QR Code and link that once printed, can be sewn to clothing, tied to a shoe, or attached to a necklace or bracelet. Anyone offering assistance can scan the badge using any QR Code App on their phone, or access the website by typing in the provided link. All critical information is easily accessed to assist anyone to Help Them Home.

Help Them Home is dedicated to Bill Smothers
A portion of the profits from Help Them Home
will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

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