Help Them Home

Helping Those Who Are Lost Get Home

Help Them HomeHelp Them Home is a web based service dedicated to helping those with memory loss and cognitive impairments lead an independent and healthy quality of life while living with their loved ones and care givers.

Many individuals who have been diagnosed with cognitive disorders, like Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other diseases, are still living at home with their loved ones. Those loved ones are also doubling as their caregiver.

“The majority of caregivers (83%) are family caregivers—unpaid persons such as family members, friends, and neighbors of all ages who are providing care for a relative. –
CDC Caregiving Facts

This is where Help Them Home comes in…

help-them-homeHelp Them Home will help create a Digital Emergency Contact Card complete with all pertinent information to help your loved one get home safely if they have lost their way or forgot where they live. Want to know more? See How it Works!

Help Them Home is dedicated to bringing a better quality of life to those with cognitive impairments, in addition to the elderly who are trying to stay independent in their later years, by giving loved ones and caregivers the tools and resources they need to achieve this goal.

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